jueves, 8 de junio de 2017

Maths Review

Use these games to review what you have learnt this year. Click on GRADE 3 or GRADE 4 and practice with the games. Have fun!



lunes, 29 de mayo de 2017


Hello! Here you have a nice compilation of videos summarizing the most important aspects that we have studied in this unit... enjoy!

Follow this link to watch a quick review of the ANCIENT AGE


Learn about the Greeks!

Learn about the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians!

Learn about the Romans!

Would you like to learn more about the Romans? Click this video.

martes, 2 de mayo de 2017

Games to learn 3D SHAPES

In this entry, you can play some games to learn all the 3D SHAPES:



Metal Ages

Here you have some videos about the METAL AGES. Use this video to study and review what you have learnt in class.

First, a summary video:

Now, have a look to the characteristics of the METAL AGES:

In the next video, you can learn about the origins of metal, how they used and work with metals, etc.

jueves, 27 de abril de 2017

Stone Age.

The STONE AGE is made of three periods:


(Period of transition from the PALEOLITHIC to the NEOLITHIC)


miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Comercio Justo

Esta entrada es un especial sobre el Comercio Justo que os ayudará a realizar vuestro trabajo. ¡Suerte!

Primero, las siete reglas de oro:

Y ahora, un corto vídeo que resuelve la pregunta ¿QUÉ ES EL COMERCIO JUSTO?